Tell banks: don’t gamble on Trans Mountain

Tell banks: don’t gamble on Trans Mountain

The Trudeau government has cut off taxpayer funding to Trans Mountain. Now, this toxic pipeline project needs private investors to fund further construction – otherwise, it’s dead in the water.

Canada’s biggest banks – RBC, TD, Scotiabank, BMO and CIBC – will be high on Trans Mountain’s hit list for private funding. We need to send an urgent message to the banks: investing in this pipeline will tank their reputation and their bottom line.

Tell the banks if they help finance this pipeline that fuels climate disasters and violates Indigenous rights, they’ll be fighting their customers every step of the way.

Even industry insiders and Liberal MPs now admit TMX is a terrible investment: at $16 billion over budget, it’s a money pit for whoever ends up owning the pipeline.

The banks need to know that Trans Mountain is a massive liability. Tell them to stay away, or lose their customers.

Send your message now, and help stop Trans Mountain in its tracks!

Tell Canada’s banks not to fund Trans Mountain!

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