Burnaby: Say yes to a safe climate future

Burnaby: Say yes to a safe climate future

This Monday, January 24, Burnaby city council will vote on endorsing the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty: a global pact to phase out oil and gas, and fast-track solutions. You can help make sure the vote passes!

Climate change is on our doorstep, but too many governments are refusing to stop expanding oil and gas. The Treaty is a way for citizens and all levels of government to work together to phase out existing fossil fuel projects and ensure no one is left behind.

Fifty years ago the world successfully negotiated a treaty to reduce the threats posed by nuclear weapons. Now, we need a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty to address the greatest threat facing humanity today.

By endorsing the Treaty, Burnaby will help to build pressure on B.C. and Canada to redirect resources towards clean energy instead of fossil fuels, and help cities on the frontlines of the climate emergency be better prepared to face climate disasters.

Treaty supporters include Vancouver, New Westminster, North Vancouver and West Vancouver – along with L.A., Toronto, Sydney and Barcelona; 101 Nobel Laureates, 850 organizations and 130,000 people around the world.

Please take a moment now to ask Burnaby’s Mayor and Council to endorse the Treaty. The city, and the climate, needs your support!

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